My son is not very nice person when I am around him.

I have been receiving really good feedbacks from school – preschool, that he is such a smart little person and getting along with other kids. Well, few incidents but he managed not to repeat them again. He is smart, knows stuff beyond his age and all. He also has been a very good boy with his dad. But not with me!

No, I dont spoil him. Well, not that much anyway. He is little me after all.

Here are some of the things he tends to do while he hanging out with me:

1. Tantrums! Could be anywhere from the stores, parks or home or on the street somewhere. While out there, I dont want to add more drama of course, so, I always give him time out and let him finish with his anger. But, when we’re at home, sometimes we fight like an adult. There were times where I refused to talk to him.  Honestly! Sometimes, I just dont know how to handle him. ( where is the manual when you need it!)

2. He is extremely picky eater. Well, not so much at school. He eats almost everything that is served there. You cook delicious meal and then all you hear is; I dont like it. I dont want it. Its so fucking annoying!

3. I have to repeat myself dozens times every single time, I repeat, every single time I ask him to do something, for example, dressing up, clean-up his toys, put away his dishes after meal, brush his teeth, etc. And, oh, he likes to hide too, makes it even more annoying!

4. He doesn’t think I am smart. When I am explaining how things work or how things are made based on book we’re reading, he wouldn’t believe it until his dad confirms. Wtf you know! How the hell did he get there. Although, my husband has theory that he thinks he is an alpha male in the house and he thinks that I am weak as he could get away with things with me. Wth! He is just simply a jerk! Thats what he is. And I certainly dont want him growing up and believes that he is above anyone else on this planet. 

5. He is a liar! Especially when he knows that he will be in trouble. We have been telling him not to lie but no significant progress yet!

6. He does this one basically everywhere! Touching his weewee! There is one point he asked me and his dad on other time to tickle his weewee! And we have been constantly tell him that his body part is not amusement park! He still dont get it! He still does it randomly! While talking to us, or watching tv or movie! Ugh! Man! 

I have a lot more things on my list but I have to put these out there:

1. He is such a grateful person. He is very thankful of new toys, a very good meal. Few days ago, I bought him a couple of Blue Jays shirts and he has been thanking and hugging me for days! Last week, I reminded him to thank his dad for the new toy he bought for him and both of them said he did!

2. He is very well behave when in the restaurant, I must said. He is not as picky eater as he is at home. It is such a pleasure to take him to restaurant and I just love the way he eats.

3. He says he loves me all the time! Just randomly! It is really nice to hear every time he says that. 

4. He seems genuine when he says sorry. It always melts my heart no matter how mad i am with him. That little adorable face. 

I wish i could write all day but if you have reliable parenting guidelines dont be shy to share that with me. All other guides out there are shit because they didn’t work.


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