All I Need is Just Nice Weather on the Weekends in this Summer, Please and Thank You.

It was long weekend in Canada to celebrate Canada 150th. As always, I was not into going anywhere where the crowds are. You know, my anti-social antic is not into that. Not then when I was young and single and not now with a toddler. We planned to celebrate Canada day our own style; you know, go hiking somewhere, or camping, or goto the beach. We have a yearly pass from Halton Region Park so, we can easily go to one of their parks for a hike.

We have been talking about going to the beach! Last time we go, we went to Sandbank Provincial Park which is our absolute favorite beach to go to every time we think of a beach or swimming at the lake. We made a reservation to camp there for a couple of nights and we were lucky to get a campsite by the beach! We have been eyeing for a spot by the beach for sometimes, mind you.

But having a toddler is making me nervous about the weather. You want to be good days on camping trip so your kid can have fun!  And you dont want your kid to get sick! Signed him up to pre-school  made him sick often enough. So, I ended up checking the weather so often and it kept changing on us. We ended up go anyway, since we spent money already on campsite reservation and the weather was not that bad. But, of course, we were basicaly only had one good day out of three! We couldn’t go swimming    On the lake either because the water was still too cold to swim in it. 

Anyways, back to this long weekend, we decided to go to Awenda Provincial Park Its relatively close from home, you know, an hour and a half trip sounds more bearable than the  three hours trip to the beach. We decided not to go on Canada Day because of the shitty weather. We checked the forecast few times that day, seemed like its going to be okay day for beaching on Sunday. So, I was baking, cooking and packing for the prep of the picnic at the beach. 

Of course, again, we were out of luck! We stayed at the beach for an hour and we had to leave! It was cold!, my tot even asked for sweater – thank goodness for my four years of parenting experience, I’ve got all packed and ready for him! The water still too cold to swim in it. And then, it started to rain! We just needed to get out of there! We had to end the suffering from our tot’s face.

What I am trying to say is,  we have pretty short summer here in Canada and we just want to have a nice sunny weather on the weekends because, some of us unable to get out and enjoy the nature outside those days because, some of us have a job to go to! And because, not everyone of us like to go to the mall, or museum or other indoor activities! Its too much to ask, isn’t it?

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