First blog post

Good morning!

This is my first posting on my new blog and I was thinking people would wonder why am I doing this. Well, I have been thinking to get back on blogging for sometime now, but having a full time job, and a mother of a beautiful smart bratty four years old boy, and all the responsibilities as a domestic Goddes had me thinking “nah, I love enjoying my Netflix on my spare time!”

Hold on, what? back? you said? Yeah, I was blogging before, way way back then, when I had a lot of spare time and of course I quit because, it seems like thats what I am good at.

So, what’s changed!?

I just told my manager to go f%ck herself and quit my job. But, I work in health and safety business either in construction, industrial or manufacturing!  They need me! and I am pretty good at my job too. I was able to find a job within weeks and got myself back into this blogging thing.

Well, this blog is campur aduk. Its Bahasa Indonesia, meaning, mixed of everything. Thats what this blog is about. Mixing of everything! There will be comments on current news, rants, opinions, story of everything. Since I am a mom of a beautiful four years old, be prepared to see many posting about my kid too. Viewer discretion is advised!

Anyways, here I am, having so much sparetime in between job , mothering, housewifing  and wandering and capable of making my husband’s life living hell if I didn’t let it all out.

By the way, Happy Canada Day! Happy 150th! I am forever grateful being part of this great country!

So, enjoy it and thank you for coming!


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